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This is a workflow for Editorial, a Markdown and plain text editor for iOS. To download it, you need to view this page on a device that has the app installed.

Description: Put this workflow in your bookmarks bar and have quick access to helpful data like Today's Date, Your Clipboard, What's open in the browser and quick links to some of your most used workflows.

Clicking a link will open it in the in-app browser, links are customizable.
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Shared by: @devsl

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Today is Day: Monday, Month: January Day: 1, Year: 2001. The file you are viewing is File Name.File Extension . Here is a sneak peek at your clipboard: Clipboard and the page currently open in the Browser: Browser Title Browser URL Here are some useful links for your writing: ###Documents To Do Links editorial://open/To%20Do%20Links.md ###URLs Open Requested URL in the Browser editorial://?command-id=7815FD90-41FA-4222-B0D1-D3FC1C8195FA Open Clipboard in Browser editorial://?command-id=B6221776-527C-4211-9310-D4DDC71B9949 ###Search Search Google editorial://?command-id=3646478C-ED53-4BAA-9A40-6A7A3F6A87E7 Search Wikipedia editorial://?command-id=CBBE9C24-E5A7-45BE-A558-CB2877CE14CB Search the App Store editorial://?command-id=A9A5F2C0-B3D4-4604-93F5-2A6B6B40D941 Search the Workflows Directory editorial://?command-id=D4C63CED-E508-4B8C-9196-C2405A951E82 Find and Replace editorial://?command-id=A0944D10-8F8A-42D7-90D7-4E9C3795C268 Global Search editorial://?command-id=BDADA937-31FC-45FD-8991-8116392BB2A2 ###Utilities Edit Clipboard editorial://?command-id=BD8BF85C-D585-4A3F-9A6B-DDD116B7BC54 Smart Move editorial://?command-id=20D32A8A-F0B4-4B2B-8AA4-9757559389D5 Convert Selection to HTML editorial://?command-id=9F4B7C47-5EC4-4919-9B48-8CE16588393D Paste as Blockqoute/Code block editorial://?command-id=BDADA937-31FC-45FD-8991-8116392BB2A2 Define Word editorial://?command-id=C27F9A9D-2799-44A7-AEC6-6C3D5DBFACF8 Percent Encode editorial://?command-id=60931CB5-68C7-4007-B48E-33C2E03C8EA6 Revert Percent Encoding editorial://?command-id=7F780410-F5D7-4F31-866A-53026CA621C4 Workflows Backup editorial://?command-id=F481FE25-D72F-41E4-9095-02E94C0330EF Browser Bookmarks Backup editorial://?command-id=90BEA1CB-EACA-4433-8370-ED538B60EFE4 ###Pinboard Get RSS Feeds editorial://?command-id=F3A5F7C6-ABB3-4489-8844-76A334D8598F Get Pinboard RSS editorial://?command-id=8FB6680F-9B0E-4C00-AA52-066ACF5DB8B4 Get Pinboard Bookmarks editorial://?command-id=318B82EC-C619-4CCE-BB80-2462C667E46B Pinboard Link Library editorial://?command-id=F899F4B0-0F16-4D02-B984-5B6962EDEE41 Pinboard Link Library Simple Without Tags editorial://?command-id=D561AA4C-D04E-4C2B-A3FC-95364AB47050 Pinboard Link Library Simple With Tags editorial://?command-id=8F588817-DB7C-4AF6-A4DF-7FE9A896979D ###Other Things Get RSS Feeds editorial://?command-id=F3A5F7C6-ABB3-4489-8844-76A334D8598F Now get back to writing, I'll be here waiting.
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